Blue Prism - Process Studio

Process studio has only Main page. If the page is published, we can call from the process studio. We use the Process studio for developing and testing.

Difference between Process and Object Studio

Major difference between process and object studio are given below −

Process Studio Object Studio
It is created as diagram that looks like flow diagram by development tool Create Objects graphically by development tool
Stages: We have Alert stage in Process Studio Stages: Read, Write, Navigate, Code and Wait
We have the Main Page We have initialize and clean up Page
Process interacts with object studio and control room Object Studio interacts with external Application.
Launch and Application Modeller is not available Launch and Application Modeller is available

Stages in Process Studio

Various stages in the Process Studio are given below −

  • Link
  • Block
  • Process
  • Page
  • Action
  • Decision
  • Choice
  • Calculation
  • Multi Calculation
  • Data Item
  • Collection
  • Loop
  • Note
  • Anchor
  • End
  • Alert
  • Exception
Process Studio Stages

Publishing the object studio pages

We can publish the object studio pages using the below steps −

  • Develop the Business Object.

  • Deploy the Business object actions.

  • Publish the object studio.

  • After publishing the process, we can run from the Process Studio.

Publishing Object Studio Pages

Publishing the Process to Control Room

We can publish the process to control room using below steps −

  • Develop the process object.

  • Double click on the description.

Publishing Process Control Room

Then select the check box publish the process to control room.

Select Checkbox and Publish

The published process displayed in the available process.

published Process Displayed

Input/Output Parameters Passing

We want to pass some parameters to one page to another page using the input/output parameters.

  • We create the input and output parameters in process studio.

  • We need to declare the input parameters at the start stage.

  • We need to declare the output parameters at the end stage.

We shall look at a step-wise approach to pass Input and Output parameters −

Step 1 − Create the business object.

Creating Business Object

Step 2 − Define the input parameters in Start stage.

input parameters in Start stage

Step 3 − Double click on Start Stage to configure the input parameters.

Configure Input Parameters

Step 4 − Define the output parameters in End Stage.

Output Parameters End Stage

Step 5 − Go to calculation Stage for simple calculation.

calculation Stage

Step 6 − Connect the process and save it.

Connect Process Save

Step 7 − We must publish the process.

Publish Process

Step 8 − After publishing the process, we can run from the Process Studio.

Step 9 − We need to create the process in process studio.

create the process

Step 10 − Use the Action stage to call the process from object studio.

Process from Object Studio

Process from Object Studio1

Process from Object Studio2

Step 11: Create the data items and run the process.

Run The Process