Ethereum - A Quick Walkthrough

We will now briefly understand what is available on the Ganache desktop. On the Desktop, at the top we have several menu options out of which a few are of immediate relevance to us. The menu bar is highlighted in the screenshot below −

Ganache Menu Options

Clicking on the TRANSACTIONS menu shows all the transactions performed so far. You will be performing transactions very soon. Now, come back to the above screen and check the transactions from time to time. A typical transaction screen is as shown below −


Likewise, when you click on the BLOCKS menu, you will see the various mined blocks. Consider the following screenshot to understand how the BLOCKS menu looks like −

Ganache Blocks

Click on the LOGS menu. It will open the system log for you. Here, you can examine the various operations that you have performed on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Now, as you have understood how to use Ganache for setting up a private Ethereum Blockchain, you will now create a few clients who would use this Blockchain.