The Complete Cyber Security Expert Course

System Hacking, type of cyber security, deep & dark web, VPN, Protections of E-mails, Phising , Malwares, Antivirus, IPS

Course Description

Common tasks and day-to-day duties of cyber security experts include Analysing and assessing potential business security threats. Monitoring and evaluating the business's network to prevent sensitive data from being compromised.

As the world continues its rapid movement toward digitalization, cyber threats are accelerating as well. During the previous two years, the world has witnessed a tremendous boost in cybercrime, enforced by the increased number of homeworkers because of the global pandemic. The new working model, the massive increase in IoT devices, and the acceleration of cloud adoption will undoubtedly lead to an accelerated increase in cyberattacks.

Government and private organizations are pursuing cybersecurity professionals to detect and stop cyberattacks that can have catastrophic consequences on their work.

Cyber Security experts or specialists are a significant part of organizations who are responsible for securing the network and information systems of the organization. They do so by detecting, managing, analyzing, presenting, and responding to cyberattacks, security threats, and other malicious acts.


By learning this course Students should be able to learn below mentioned

1. How to protect ATM

2. How to Keep a Secure Password

3. Online Gaming Cybersecurity

4. Credit Card Protection

5. Cryptography

6. How Do The Websites work

7. Ethical Hacking Fundamentals

8. Securing a system from all the major attacks

9. Red, Blue, and Purple Teams and types of attacks

10. How to choose the right antivirus

11. Basics of computer networking 

12. Firewall and firewall configuration

13. Phishing 

14. Deep web and dark web etc.

15.  Protection of E-mails etc.


  • The learner should be preferably graduate and shoulb be from techincal background
  • He should have laptop or desktop and Minimum of 8GB RAM capacity.
  • He must have a computer installed with Windows/Linux /OS
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  • Introduction
  • Cyber secuirty definiton type, job roles available, cyber security skills set
  • Cyber secuity network type and system hacking
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The Complete Cyber Security Expert Course
This Course Includes
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  • 17 Lectures
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