Business Analytics Certification

Achieve mastery in making data-driven business decisions with end-to-end training in Business Analytics.

Course Description

Business Analytics Certification is designed to meet the growing demands of skilled business professionals. Modern organizations require professionals who can analyze business structures and ask the right questions. They want someone who can dissect unstructured data as conveniently as they can handle structured data. And, someone who can influence business decisions by translating insights from analytics into action.

Business Analytics Certification Overview

Data-driven businesses thrive by making sound business decisions. Professionals with experience in performing business analytics and possessing business analysis skills are in high demand.

The courses you will find in this certification program will help you learn new techniques and competencies that you will need to explore and probe business data. Along with providing a foundational understanding of business data and the analytics that go into it, this certification also teaches you how to develop applicable frameworks and how to use emerging technologies. This can be your resourceful guide in pursuing Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA®- CBDA) and becoming a Certified Business Analyst.

Becoming a business analytics professional with certification at Tutorials Point, you can translate business problems into questions that analytics can find the answers to and pick viable options. You can conveniently visualize data and summarize the results using data storytelling. You will act as a liaison between technical and non-technical aspects of business and help non-technical stakeholders understand technical results. Most importantly, you will be a crucial player in building and manifesting empathy for customers.

This certification paves the way for you to work with profound technologies and cutting-edge technicalities that are reigning in the industry. By getting started with data, you will be on the track to work with technologies like ML, Neural Networks & AI, Predictive Analytics, big data, time-series forecasting, Financial Data Analysis, etc. The analytics course this certification provides has been beneficial to various career paths including students and professionals.

Scope of Business Analytics Certification

  • According to McKinsey Global Institute, the business analytical capabilities are projected to generate $9.5 trillion to $15.4 trillion economic annual impact.

  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for Business Analysts can go up to 25% by 2030.

  • In India, on average, a business analyst earns 7 LPA and can go up to 15 to 20 LPA depending on their experience in the field. Similarly, a data analyst can earn an average of 5 LPA and up to 9 or 11.4 LPA.


  • Master Microsoft Excel from basics to advanced level with Microsoft Excel Online Course included. Get hands-on experience with basic and advanced Excel formulas.

  • Create your own dashboard and master advanced tools like Pivot Tables, Power Query, and Pivot Charts.

  • Learn analyzing and visualizing data using the Tableau data visualization step by step guide.

  • Analyze, join, blend, calculate, and visualize data in various forms.

  • Learn how to convert raw data into compelling data visualization.

  • Master data visualization to the full extent with 3 guided projects.

  • Learn how to use Power BI in a comprehensive Mastering PowerBI course.

  • Get a complete understanding of ETL, Data Modelling, Visualization, M language, and DAX function.

  • Learn everything about Power BI financial analysis along with Sales Calculation and Matrix Formatting.

  • Understand how to prepare P&L, calculate profits, define KPI for visualization, and Data Slicers.


  • Microsoft Excel installed

  • No programming knowledge is required

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Business Analytics Certification
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