C# & .NET Prime Pack

The Ultimate Guide to Become C# & .NET Developer

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About the Prime Pack

  • At Tutorialspoint, we ensure professional success with our C# Prime Pack. We have designed this pack to broaden your understanding of C# and .NET fundamentals. Gain in-depth knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming, Classes, Collections And All Of The Fundamental C# Features,  ASP.NET Parallel Programming, web Pages, and many more..


  • 6 Courses

  • 400+ Lectures

  • 66.5+ Hrs HD Videos

  • eBook 

  • 2 Projects

  • Course Designed By Industry Experts

  • Up-to-Date Curriculum

  • Lifetime Access

  • 30 Days Refund Policy

  • Certificate on Completion

Scope of C# & .NET

  • The .NET is a versatile programming language. It can be used to create software tools in various system environments.

  • As per Microsoft, .NET and C# will be a game-changer and evolution will be present for the next several years.

  • .NET and C# developers can earn as much as $105,000 a year!


  • Build Console Applications using C#.

  • Understand everything about the Threads

  • Able to create MultiThreading application in C#

  • Understand all the concepts such as "Process"; asynchrony programming", "multithreading"

  • Understand the Parallel programming in dotnet and C#

  • Learn Parallel Programming with c#, the .NET Core 5; Threads, its Properties, Methods, and why you need them. Learn TPL - Task Parallel Library

  • Learn how to write LINQ queries, how to use C# operators for math and logic tasks, Understand different data types and when they are used, and how they behave.


  • Basic Computer Fundamentals & Terminologies.

  • Good Internet Connection.

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C# & .NET Prime Pack
This Prime Pack includes
  • Video Courses 5
  • eBooks 1
  • Duration 71 hours
  • Lifetime Access Yes
  • Language English
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee Yes
  • Certificate Yes
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