Amazon RDS Tutorial

Amazon - RDS

Amazon RDS is the Relational Database Service offered as a web service by Amazon. It makes it easy to set-up and operate a relational database in the cloud. It provides a very cost-effective way to use industry’s leading RDBMS software as a managed service. Because of this web service from amazon AWS, You do not have to buy any server or install any database software in it. You just have subscribe to the AWS RDS web service and start using the RDBMS features after some initial configuration involving memory and CPU capacity allocation etc . In this Tutorial we will learn about the different interfaces available in AWS RDS to use the industry’s leading RDBMS software.


This tutorial targets IT professionals, students, and management professionals who want a solid grasp of essential AWS RDS concepts. After completing this tutorial, you will achieve intermediate expertise in AWS RDS, and easily build on your knowledge to solve more challenging problems.


This tutorial assumes general knowledge of database technology and querying languages. It also assumes familiarity with typical database operations in an application. If you are completely new to Amazon AWS then please refer our Amazon Web Services to get a sound understanding of the language.