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Launch a promising career in full-stack web development. Master web development with comprehensive full-stack courses and real-time projects.

The full stack web development certification 2023 is designed to help aspirants become master web developers. The certification program lays a strong foundation for front-end and back-end web development along with server-side architecture. With a hands-on approach and extensive real-time projects, the full-stack certification program helps learners develop the right set of website development skills and become master programmers.

Scope of Web Development:

  • The average salary for a web developer in the US is $91,625 with a senior developer earning as high as $113,626.

  • The average salary for a web developer in India is ₹8,49,729 with a senior developer earning no less than ₹10,70,000.

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) study shows a projection of 23% national-level growth of web developers' employment between 2021 and 2031.

Professional certificate program with 9 accelerated video courses

Whether you are an experienced professional or one with no prior experience, you will find this certification prominent all the same. You will get hands-on experience with tools and technologies software developers use to plan, build, test, deploy, run, and manage websites and applications. Thus providing you with practical knowledge of the most in-demand technology.

The wide range of courses you come across in this certification for full stack web developers will help you master the entire technology from end to end. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GitHub, Node.Js, Angular 9, Vue, React JS, Express, and MongoDB, are some of the crucial technologies you will get to master.

By the end of this certification for full stack developer, you will have worked on real-world problems and applied the best front-end and back-end technologies. The prominent certification you possess at the end of the program will prove your expertise required to be a subject matter expert.

Full Stack Web Development Certification Breakdown

Understand how the certification program is designed with a detailed breakdown of each video course in this program.

HTML CSS JavaScript Course For Modern Web Developers

  • Learn the fundamentals of web development at the beginners level and how to build web pages with HTML and CSS.

  • Learn how to build dynamic pages and client-side interactivity using JavaScript.

  • Master front-end development and create stunning, responsive layouts.

  • Data visualization and client-side validations.

CSS - The Complete Guide With Tips And Tricks Including CSS3

  • Dive deep into the techniques of web design. Learn the fundamentals of CSS and understand how CSS files are generated.

  • Learn how to use keys and values in CSS and get a basic understanding of CSS3.

  • Learn how to code CSS3 along with backgrounds, transitions, and 2D, and 3D transformations.

  • Theoretical and practical application of CSS fundamentals and introduction to the editor that composes HTML and CSS markup.

Introduction To Programming Simplified With Javascript

  • Learn JavaScript programming from basics with the latest coding skills and build a bridge between coding and building interactive web pages.

  • Get a clear understanding of the crucial terminologies of the language that will help you catch up to the current trends followed in the course.

  • Understand what are JavaScript Console & Console logs, Variable and Constants, Program Flow, Operators, Loops, Functions, Arrays, and Objects. 

  • Understand how you can update web page content dynamically, use animations, pop-up menus, control multimedia, etc., with the fundamentals of JavaScript.

The Complete JavaScript Bootcamp 2023 - Build Real Projects

  • This online course with a certificate gets you started on your journey to becoming an advanced developer.

  • Understand complete JavaScript language and get started with AngularJS, MongoDB, NodeJS, React.js, and all other Javascript-based technologies.

  • Get theoretical and practical knowledge of JavaScript with real-time projects designed along with downloadable code.

  • explore cutting-edge features and get hands-on learning experience and understand modern JavaScript.

Angular 9: The Complete Web Development Bootcamp

  • Learn the latest version of Angular: Angular 9 and pave the solid foundation for mastering web development.

  • Whether you are just getting started or an experienced professional, this course will benefit you all the same and introduces you to all ways to develop modern web applications using Angular.

  • From learning to code to building websites and real-world web apps, you will be ready with ample knowledge as this course walks you through hands-on live examples.

Learn Basic HTML, CSS & Javascript (Typescript) with Vue

  • Learn how website styling works and how to get data from a server by getting through the fundamentals of Typescript and Vue JS.

  • Understand the correlation between HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, and Vue JS clearly.

  • Learn how to make interactive components and get data into those components by applying Typescript basics to Vue JS.

  • Understand the implications practically with real-time projects you learn things such as how to create a user list and profile information. Learn how to build a full web page in Vue JS.

React JS - All You Need( Incl Hooks, Real Time Projects)

  • Getting started with fundamentals, you work your way through integrating CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) API and manipulating UI.

  • Establish a clear understanding of how the front end communicates with the back end.

  • Learn how to integrate external API in react application and get complete knowledge of all the crucial terminologies that are in current trend.

  • Get hands-on practical knowledge of the application through React Hooks and real-time projects.

Build a To-Do List App with Node, Express, React, and MongoDB

  • After a brief walk-through of React and React Hooks, the course helps with learning how to integrate React with Node, Express, and Mongo DB.

  • Get a practical approach in both the front end and back end by building To-do list apps and expanding your knowledge.

  • Right from building the front end of the app, the course explains how to build components for the app and imitate the behavior of the app.

  • The course will help you build the back end of the app on your own and create a database, develop routes, and integrate both the front end and back end.

Server-Side Rendered Webapps with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

  • This advanced course demands a basic understanding of Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and JavaScript ES6, which at this point you will have mastered.

  • This course will keep you ready for the industry by providing you with enough training to build a website for a business.

  • Get hands-on training on how to build sign-up & account pages, login/logout functionality, password management, admin control, etc.

  • The wide range of tools and frameworks you will have access to: Node.js 8.11.1, npm 5.6, Express 4.16.3, nodemon 1.17.3, MongoDB CLI 4.0.1, Mongoose 5.1.0, Hogan Templating Engine 0.0.6, Bcrypt.js 2.4.3, Passport.js 0.4.0, Passport Local 1.0, Mailgun.js 0.18.0


  1. We have designed this professional certificate program in a way that gets you started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and Vue. 

  2. You will learn the fundamentals of JavaScript language, work with its elements, and easy style with DOM manipulation.

  3. You will learn Angular coding fundamentals with Syntax, used to make JavaScript easy for website development.

  4. Similarly, you will learn how to build the project in Node JS, React, and MongoDB, required to be a full-stack web developer.

  5. Once you're familiar with the fundamental concepts, you will learn about Git and GitHub version control, which are used to track work and explore changes made to data, code scripts, and notes.

  6. You get hands-on experience with MongoDB from the beginning to the end, including querying, connecting to, saving, and analyzing data.

  7. You learn front-end and full-stack development using React basics and start projects, as well as a time management and data persistence workshop.


  • A computer with Windows/Linux/Mac OS

  • Passion to learn and excel in Web Development

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Full Stack Web Development Certification
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