Kotlin - Environment Setup

Installing Kotlin command-line compiler

One of the key features of Kotlin is that it has interoperability with Java i.e. You can write Kotlin and Java code in the same application. Like Java, Kotlin also runs on JVM therefore to install Kotlin on Windows directly and work with it using the command line You need to make sure you have JDK installed in your system.

Verifying the Java installation

To verify Java installation −

  • Open command prompt and verify the current version of Java using the javac version command −
C:\Users\TP>javac -version
javac 1.8.0_261

If you doesn’t have Java installed in your system it generates the following error

C:\Users\Krishna Kasyap>javac -v
'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

You can install JDK by following the steps given below

Installing JDK8

JDK Kotlin
  • This will redirect to the page that contains JDK software for various platforms, select the desired version (.exe) and download it.
  • After downloading the file JDK file (assume we have downloaded jdk_windows-x64_bin.exe), start the installation by running it.
JDK File
  • By default, Java will be installed in the path C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_301\ you can change the path by clicking on the Change... button.
Java Development
  • After the completion of the installation click on the Close button.
Java Development

Kotlin Command line compiler

Kotlin command line compiler is available at the JetBrains Kotlin GitHub releases page.

  • Download the latest version.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and place it in the desired folder.
  • The Bin directory of the downloaded folder contains all the binary files to run Kotlin.
  • Now, set Path environment variable to this folder.

Setting the Path variable

  • Right click on My computer or This PC, select Properties.
Path Variable
  • Click on Advanced System Settings.
Advanced System Settings
  • Then, click on the Environment Variables... button.
Environment Variables
  • In the Environment Variables window, under System Variables select the Path variable and edit the variables using the Edit... button.
System Variables
  • Click on the New button and add the path of the bin folder of installed JDK and Kotlin folders.

To verify the installation, open command prompt and type java or javac command, if your installation is successful, you can see the output as shown below:

Command Prompt

Setting Kotlin environment using IntelliJ IDEA

Kotlin is developed by the JetBrains that develops IDEs like AppCode, CLion, DataGrip, DataSpell, GoLand, IntelliJ IDEA etc.

The IntelliJ IDEA internally have Kotlin plugin bundled with it. To develop Kotlin download and install IntelliJ.

To install a recent version of IntelliJ IDEA:

IntelliJ Idea
  • If you run the downloaded file, it starts the installation process.
IntelliJ Installation
  • Proceed with the installation by providing the required details and finally complete the installation.
  • The Plugins tab of IntelliJ displays all the available plugins. By default, Kotlin plugin is activated, in any case if it is not activated. Open the plugin tab, search for Kotlin and install it.
Plugin Tabs

Creating first application

  • To create first application, click on NewProject.
First Application
  • Select Kotlin/JVM and click Next.
  • Name the project and select the desired location.
Sample Application
  • Now, create a new Kotlin file under the source(src) folder and let’s name it as Test.
  • You can create a sample function as shown below. You can run this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F10.
Sample Function

Setting Kotlin environment using Eclipse

You can also execute Kotlin programs in eclipse to do so, you need to have “Eclipse IDE for Java developers” installed in your system. To do so, follow the steps given below.

  • Run the downloaded file and click on the Eclipse IDE for Java developers.
Eclipse Installation
  • Select the installation directory and click on install.
  • Open eclipse in the Help menu select Eclipse Marketplace.
  • Search for Kotlin and check all the matches and when you find Kotlin click on Install.

Creating a Kotlin application in eclipse

Once you have installed Kotlin plugin in your eclipse to create your first application.

  • In the File menu click on Project.
  • This will take you to Select a wizard. Under Kotlin (dropdown menu), click on select “Kotlin Project” and click on the “Next” button.
New Project
  • Then, enter the desired name for the application and click on Next.
New Project1
  • Right click on the src folder of the created project click on other.
  • Select the Kotlin File wizard click on Next and name the file as Hello.kt.
Kotlin File

Your development environment is ready now. Go ahead and add the following piece of code in the “Hello.kt” file.

fun main(args: Array) {
   println("Hello, World!")

Run it as a Kotlin application and see the output in the console as shown in the following screenshot. For better understanding and availability, we will be using our coding ground tool.