Python Blockchain - Scope and Conclusion

In this tutorial, we have learnt how to construct a blockchain project in Python. There are many areas where you need to add further functionality to this project.

For instance, you will need to write functions for managing the transactions queue. After the transactions are mined and the mined block is accepted by the system, they need not be stored any more.

Also, the miners would certainly prefer to pick up the transactions with the highest fee. At the same time, you will have to ensure that the transactions with low or no fee would not starve forever.

You will need to develop algorithms for managing the queue. Also, the current tutorial does not include the client interface code. You will need to develop this for both normal clients and the miners. The full-fledged blockchain project would run into several more lines of code and is beyond the scope of this tutorial. The interested reader may download the bitcoin source for further study.


This crisp tutorial should get you started on creating your own blockchain project.

For full-fledged blockchain project development, you can learn more from the bitcoin source.

For larger commercial or non-commercial projects, you may consider using Ethereum − a ready to use blockchain app platform.