PyTorch - Recursive Neural Networks

Deep neural networks have an exclusive feature for enabling breakthroughs in machine learning understanding the process of natural language. It is observed that most of these models treat language as a flat sequence of words or characters, and use a kind of model which is referred as recurrent neural network or RNN.

Many researchers come to a conclusion that language is best understood with respect to hierarchical tree of phrases. This type is included in recursive neural networks that take a specific structure into account.

PyTorch has a specific feature which helps to make these complex natural language processing models a lot easier. It is a fully-featured framework for all kinds of deep learning with strong support for computer vision.

Features of Recursive Neural Network

  • A recursive neural network is created in such a way that it includes applying same set of weights with different graph like structures.

  • The nodes are traversed in topological order.

  • This type of network is trained by the reverse mode of automatic differentiation.

  • Natural language processing includes a special case of recursive neural networks.

  • This recursive neural tensor network includes various composition functional nodes in the tree.

The example of recursive neural network is demonstrated below −

Recursive Neural Tensor Network